Friday, November 06, 2009

Gold Coin

I was surprised to learn, that now we not only can invest through the stock or bond. but also directly with the
via the Internet.
The following is a reference website that I found just

website is quite attractive and interesting. the information provided is also quite comprehensive. ranging from how we invest through
gold coin
that is here, to the types of other investments with a very attractive offer
gold coins

through the other.

There are also
gold bullion
coins are offered here. Bullion investment is in addition to the collections can also be made for a very interesting shape.

Interestingly enough I guess.

Direct TV

Current era of globalization has made all the information can be absorbed and sent digitally. One of the many developments of the digital age is to find the internet.

if first we need, long enough to send the news via a letter to our brothers of different places, so now it is no longer too dibutuhkan.cukup to have an internet connection, computer or laptop, connected well, then we can easily surf and send news.

And now, has introduced a new technology of
Direct TV
. What is
, which is a subscription television using the Internet. just pay a few dollars per month, then all your television channels moved to the laptop.

as simple's as easy and direct way of working tv, where the connection is used is to use the help of satellites.only by taking the Direct TV Packages for 59.99 dollars, we have been able to enjoy 3 months of subscription television over the internet as much.

Interesting is not it?

Tickets ... anyone???

Recently a lot of music concerts, football games, as well as major events held in my city. No exception to the show from the traditional areas.

If used, each of us to come to a show-quality musical performances of all the sponsors are competing to make the event free of charge. But now no longer valid. We have to pay for the price of tickets that we want to watch.

It was just interesting I find disebuah site. Quite amazed at this site, because this site is one of the sites varied enough, he sold many tickets. Name the
Calgary Flames Tickets
, a ticket sold for the game Hokey international level.

There is also
Spiderman Tickets
. from the name we would have been able to find tickets for what it is. Yes, tickets for musical performances. In fact they also sell tickets for
Nassau Coliseum Tickets

Interesting is not it? Just visit the website directly, to get the latest info on tickets and performances held.
Enjoy ....
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Prince Resort

Not seem a minute, we will arrive at the end of the year. Where all people will start thinking about the holidays. Whether it's enjoying a private vacation with a lover, and together with the family.

For my family, has become an annual custom for a vacation to spend time with family at the end of the year. Wandering from one place to another. Last night, I accidentally found a website from a resort called Prince Resort.
A very beautiful resort, located on the shoreline, which is in
Myrtle Beach Resort
. Interested in this beautiful resort, I was trying to look beyond the contents of the website along with items that may be offered by the Prince Resort.

Prince Resort is one of the many
Myrtle Beach Resort
in the area. The accomodation offered by the Prince is also very interesting. Like: Well-appointed Condos, water amenities: Dazzling pools, lazy river, and hot tubs and so forth. One of the best offer from Myrtle Beach Accomodations

Why not, maybe Prince Resort will be our next destination to go for vacation this year. How bout you guys?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Singgah Dihati - Yohanna Nainggolan

Berikut adalah cuplikan dari lirik lagu yang akan masuk ke dalam album nasional Jo nantinya :), doain ya teman teman agar bisa segera terlaksana ... amin ...
Jika ditanya inspirasinya dari mana? tak lain dan tak bukan adalah dari kehidupan sehari hari pastinya yah .. hehehe ... banyak kejadian yang sayang banget rasanya kalau dilewatkan hanya begitu saja bukan? :), so enjoy the lyrics, gamme ur comment ya guys ... have fun ^^.

ketika pertama kali kita bertemu
dahulu tak pernah ada rasa padamu ...
ku mengenal mu dari seorang sahabat ku ...
yang percaya kita kan bersatu ...

hari berganti hari semakin kucinta
dirimu dan s'mua kelemahan mu
ku mencoba percaya akan semua janjimu ...
berharap kita bersama slamanya....

bersama mu ....
ku rasa sempurna ...
menjadi wanita seutuhnya ....

memiliki mu ....
adalah anugrah ...
termanis kurasa ...
yang sempat singgah dihati ...