Saturday, July 04, 2009

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Taurus & Me

And they said Taurus is the bull …
Symbol of strength, tenacity, virility, perseverity , and power

They said Taurus is calm, peaceful, and easy going
But, be careful…
She can be wicked with powerful tempers when overly provoked

They said …
Taurus is very determined when there is a goal in mind
strong willed and reliable with strong personalities
She Possesses determined single-mindedness
Unfortunately, she is a Bull Head and hard to change
She is not too quick, yet “Can be slow but very steady to win the race"

What else is there?
Taurus known as a “down to Earth” person
she is in love with “good things” and prosperity
Therefore, frequently she might become a “wealth seeker” and ambitious one
Thank God ... she tends to have high attention to others

Taurus is a hard worker but also a hard player
Often, self-indulgent "beasts"
You might find her seems to be LAZY monster sometimes

More about Taurus? …
Taurus has her way in speaking and communicating
She can make others really listen and take her seriously!!

Taurus … Ruled by Venus
the Goddess of Love
The representative of love and money!!!
She is a LOVER …

She is attractive physically and more than it!
Taurus is the most naturally charming person
And can be very sensual
She is sentimental and warm
Very romantic
When she COMMIT IN LOVE, she'll be the most loyal among all zodiacs
Yet, she is still a practical earth sign…

She rarely make a move when there’s no certain response in return
She doesn’t like to be pushed in love
Need plenty of time to be certain and fall in love
Appreciate simplicity and natural love
can be possessive in love, but rarely get jealous

She has a reliable instinct
Have well-defined tastes and sense of art and full of imaginations

A Natural creature who uniquely assesses things in terms of
“What they can do for them”

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