Thursday, August 05, 2010

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Yohanna Nainggolan - Lonely Days

Still taken from my first album "My Redeemer" this song entitled Lonely Days.
The one and only song that i wrote based on my personal experience when i got that accident.
I was paralyze from waist down and was declare by doctor to have cancer.
But God is good for me and I do believe good for all of us.

I just want to say, done matter who we are, what we've done before . God yes He is the one and only taking care of us. Have faith and do believe HIM.

Sendiri dan sesat
Kau Allah yang temani
Sendiri dan bingung
Hanya Kau yang setia

In my lonely days
There's no one here beside me
In my lonely days
You're the one taking care of me

Hanya kau Tuhan yang slalu setia
Yes you only God Who always hold my hands

In my lonely days
You're the one taking care of me 

Taken from "My Redeemer" - Yohanna Nainggolan album's
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