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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My Redeemer (My Redeemer - Yohanna Nainggolan)

December 01, 2010 0 Comments
My first christian album entitled My Redeemer, inspired also from my personal experience.
This song tellin one that gave all her life to praise and worship HIM ....Yap only HIM.

So much moment missed in my life, so much blessed had given but i never thankful. But now, I have to start to release and gave all of me for HIM. 

Verse I: 
Because of Love - Karena cintaNya
He gave His Son - Dia memberikan anakNya
Who died for us - Untuk mati bagi kita
so we could live - Sehingga kita hidup dan dipermuliakan

My life changed - Hidupku diubahkan
Since I gave to you - Semenjak aku menerima Mu dalam hidupku
Now I live for you - Sekarang ku hidup
To please you Lord - Hanya untuk menyenangkan Mu Bapa

Verse II: 
Whoever puts - Barangsiapa percaya
His trust in God's Son - Kepada Anak Tuhan
Will not be lost - tidak akan pernah 'hilang'
But will have eternal life - namun akan beroleh hidup yang kekal

No one else like You - tiada yang sepertimu Bapa
Or greater than You - ataupun lebih besar dari Mu
Every tongue will confess - tiap mulut kan memuji
Glorify Your Name - meninggikan namaMu

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Yohanna Nainggolan - Lonely Days

August 05, 2010 0 Comments
Still taken from my first album "My Redeemer" this song entitled Lonely Days.
The one and only song that i wrote based on my personal experience when i got that accident.
I was paralyze from waist down and was declare by doctor to have cancer.
But God is good for me and I do believe good for all of us.

I just want to say, done matter who we are, what we've done before . God yes He is the one and only taking care of us. Have faith and do believe HIM.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Will Be Here - Steven Curtis Chapman

June 27, 2010 1 Comments
Tarraaaa .... mendadak menyemenye hari ini :p.
Gara-gara kebanyakan dapat undangan married dari temen2, dan request untuk nyanyi di nikahan mereka ... ^^, diampuni dah ... selagi masih di gereja ^^. be happy to do it for you all girls ....

Berbicara tentang pernikahan, baru aja selesai tlp bareng si bencong 'Agave', seputar pergosipan teranyar .... hahahaha ....
Cukup salut dengan semangat hidup yang dia punya, di tengah begundal dan berjubel masalah .... Aku cuma bisa berdoa buatmu aga, biar keyakinan, harapan dan impian mu, tak akan pernah putus, dan selalu andalkan Dia dalam hidupmu .... *hugs hugs*

Dari curhat lari ke tema pernikahan ...
Dejavu sebenarnya jadinya ...wakakakaka...

Two Words - Lea Salonga dan ; I Will Be Here - Steven Curtis Chapman
(two words - setelah cincin disemat di jari dan; i will be here - setelah diberkati)

Aku mau nyanyiiiiii .... ^^.... masa dinikahan orang doang yang aye nyanyi :p ...
So, kamyu yang disana ... cepat pulang yach ... cepat kembali T_T .... *kangen gela* - nasib LDR ya begini *LOL*

Friday, October 03, 2008

People Get Ready

October 03, 2008 0 Comments
People get ready
There's a train a-coming
You don't need no baggage
You just get on board
All you need is faith
To hear the diesels humming
Don't need no ticket
You just thank the lord

People get ready
For the train to Jordan
Picking up passengers
From coast to coast
Faith is the key
Open the doors and board them
There's room for all
Among the loved the most

There ain't no room
For the hopeless sinner
Who would hurt all mankind just
To save his own
Have pity on those
Whose chances are thinner
Cause there's no hiding place
From the kingdoms throne

So people get ready
For the train a-comin
You don't need no baggage
You just get on board !
All you need is faith
To hear the diesels humming
Don't need no ticket
You just thank, you just thank the lord

Yuhuuu....finally back home and very bless because day by day in my life I see how God loves me so much.

Yups, I spend my holiday back to my home town to take a rest and take a depth breath, just to put my self out of box and realize that, I'd been there done that.

So, what next things to do for the unsure life for me now.
Since the doctor said that I can't do a lot of things as used to be.
I have my limitation now.

No man ....
I'm so glad, and be thankful that God loves me so much, so He made this things happen to me. He knows that I can pass all this things with Him.
Just a little though that, this is the time for me to take a rest, and let God lead my way.

Simple though that wake me up, that I'm nothing because of Him.
Simple words that said to me, please don't be mad so fast anymore.
Just give the forgiveness as much as you can.
To give much in your life it will make your life meaningful and BOLD.